Technology Dimensions

Technology-Dimensions Technology Dimensions provides the glue between global industries and cutting edge academic research. If you would like to –

  • Promote your portfolio of technologies and intelectual properties,
  • Find technological solutions that promote your products,
  • Generate technological assets that increase the value of your R&D efforts,
  • Sponsor a dedicated research to support your business need,
  • Consult with one of the most renowned researchers specializing in your niche,
  • Obtain service from a leading research laboratory in your space, or
  • Work with a professional who knows the Israeli Academic and Tech Transfer space inside and out –

Technology Dimension can lead you through the open innovation process.

Our professionals understand your need, are familiar with the academic landscape inside and out, and have the knowhow of bringing that technology and research ability to your doorstep.

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Connecting You To Academic Capabilities And Solutions